Basketball is a team sport. Two teams of five players each try to score by shooting a ball through a hoop elevated 3,048 meters above the ground.

This is a sport for men and women.

For more information contact

 Thomas Thema
 Sports Officer: Basketball
 Vanderbijlpark Campus
 Cornelius Coetzer 
 Sports Officer: Basketball
 Mahikeng Campus
 018 389 2544
Mr Johann Sauer
 Sports Manager: Basketball
 Potchefstroom Campus
 018 299 2914

Ringball, Korfball and Softball

"Ringball is a traditional South African family sport that has been played since 1907. It is not very well known outside South Africa. It is a non-contact sport played by both men and women, usually in separate games."

"Korfball is an exciting and creative sport, combining agility, speed, technique and vision. The game involves moving and passing a ball around with the objective of scoring goals. Teamwork and cooperation are essential."

"Softball is a variant of baseball, played with a larger ball on a smaller field."


For more information contact

Reginah Liphuko
Secretary : Softball
Mahikeng Campus
018 389 2405
Corene Middleton
 Secretary : Korfball
 Potchefstroom Campus
 018 299 2905
Conrad de Swardt
Sports Manager: Ringball
Potchefstroom Campus
018 299 1056

Recreational sports

Recreational sports is committed to the development of a sustainable and diverse sport and recreation structure across all three the campuses of the NWU. This envisioned structure encourages participation, grows talent and contributes to the health and overall well-being of individuals and groups taking part.

The NWU strongly advocates the benefits of sport and recreation, not only in terms of physical conditioning, but also in terms of the positive impact it has on mental and emotional wellness.

Recreational sports includes:

  • Residence league
  • Recreational events
  • Mind-sport
  • NWU conditioning programme

Recreational sports provides the following benefits:

  • Brings people together, providing opportunities for social interaction.
  • Empowers, inspires and motivates individuals to achieve.
  • Provides balance between academic responsibilities and social interaction.
  • Contributes to higher levels of self-esteem and self-worth.
  • Creates opportunities for and promotes volunteering among students.
  • Provides a vehicle for inclusion, drawing together people of different races, religions and cultures.
  • Builds unity.

The NWU conditioning programme focuses on improving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and it enhances the way we do physical activities in our daily lives. Students and staff take part to socialise and improve cultural intervention among a diverse group. The club is well known for the following reasons:

  • Being in it for the long run.
  • Having a consistent approach.
  • Improving your flexibility and balance.
  • Getting out of your comfort zone.
  • Taking a proper amount of time to achieve your goals.
  • Focusing more on establishing healthy habits than on results.

For more information contact

Joseph Matlhong
Recreational Sports
Vanderbijlpark Campus
016 910 3191