1. HPI access

All members gain access with their own access card. ANY form of abuse thereof will result in a penalty for the card holder, as well as an additional penalty payable by the card holder to cover accomplices.

  1. General rules regarding HPI Gymnasium
  • Members use the gymnasium, equipment and facilities at their own risk.
  • When using the gymnasium members must at all times be dressed in the proper attire, with the exclusion of the ice bath/heated pool/showers, and must wear closed shoes at all times.
  • Food and open containers of fluids are not permitted in any area of the gymnasium.
  • Foul language, disrespect to staff, vandalism, recklessness, including but not limited to the endangerment of persons (wilful or otherwise), will not be permitted/tolerated in the gymnasium.
  • Personal belongings should be secured in the lockers provided in the changing rooms and not left in the gymnasium.
  • Any injuries and/or problems with equipment are to be reported to the gymnasium manager/HPI staff immediately.
  • All bandages, plasters and any other medical wrappings are to be secured and not left anywhere in the gymnasium other than in a refuse bin.
  • ALL equipment MUST be replaced after use. Failure to do so will result in a fine PER unit/piece of equipment used.
  1. Swimming pool and ice bath
  • Members use the swimming pool/ice bath at their own risk. (No lifeguard is provided.)
  • No running or playing will be allowed in and/or around the swimming pool and ice-bath areas.
  • Members must leave the wet areas fully clothed/dressed in the proper attire (not with a towel wrapped around the waist).
  • A maximum of 10 persons are allowed in the ice bath per session .
  • A maximum of 20 persons are allowed in the heated pool at any given time.
  • The use of a swimming cap is optional.
  • A shower is compulsory before entering the ice bath or heated pool.
  1. Circuit, free weight and lifting platform areas
  • Replace all equipment in their proper place after use.
  • Wipe equipment after use.
  • Members are responsible for checking equipment prior to use and to report any problems with such equipment.
  • Please ask the gymnasium manager for assistance when using unfamiliar equipment.
  1. Emergency/first aid
  • In the event of an emergency, please adhere to HPI staff instructions.
  • Qualified first-aid assistance is available for minor injuries.
  1. Damage
  • Members will be held financially liable for any damage (wilfully or negligibly) caused.
  • Vandalism or any other criminal activities resulting in damage to (but not limited to) equipment, structures, furniture, or persons (financial or physical) will be reported to campus security and will result in criminal charges being laid against any/all offenders.
  1. Ablution facilities
  • Ablution facilities are to be kept neat and tidy.
  • Members are not to leave behind bottles, containers, soap wrappers or underwear/undergarments in the showers/changing facilities.
  • Damage is to be reported to staff immediately.
  1. Banned substances
  • Any member found to be in possession of banned substances (steroids, recreational drugs, alcohol, etc.), irrespective of the reason, will be:
    1. Suspended and their membership will be reviewed.
    2. Reported to campus security (internal members) or SAPS (external members).
  • Information relevant to banned substances with regard to sports performance enhancers is available from the gymnasium manager.

          Membership cancellation and/or the imposition of fines will be implemented with respect to members who fail to adhere to the above HPI rules.