The FNB High Performance Institute of Sport (HPI) is located on the Potchefstroom Campus of the North-West University. Potchefstroom has become the preferred training venue for many international, national and local sports teams and individuals because of the excellent training facilities, the altitude, sports-medical and scientific services, as well as our hospitality and good weather.

The HPI is an internationally recognised multifunctional and multidisciplinary facility, better described as a "one-stop" shop for elite high-performance athletes, as well as for sports development.


To be an international leader, providing all the necessary high-performance and support services, expertise and facilities to elite sports participants and coaches at an international, national or local level.


To provide multidisciplinary expertise, training and facilities that will enhance the development and performance ability of current and potential elite sports participants in a sustainable way through the provision of:

  • State of the art training equipment and facilities.
  • Sports science, biokinetics and other sports-medical services.
  • Coaching, education and development opportunities.
  • Rehabilitation and recovery facilities.
  • Holistic sports support services.