About the HPI

The HPI receives over a thousand international athletes per year.

The High Performance Institute of Sport (HPI) is located on the Potchefstroom Campus of the North-West University. Potchefstroom has become the preferred training venue for many international, national and local sports teams and individuals because of the excellent training facilities, the altitude, sports medical and scientific services, as well as our hospitality and good weather.

The HPI is an internationally recognised multifunctional and multidisciplinary facility better described as a ‘one-stop shop’ for elite high-performance athletes, as well as for sports development.

What to expect


Apart from the usual sports medical, coaching and other sports-specific services, the North-West University hosts a Faculty of Health Sciences that employs various experts in the fields of health and wellness. The High Performance Institute is proud to offer the expertise of these experts.  Read more


The North-West University’s High Performance Institute invests millions of rands each year in the development and maintenance of its sports facilities. We regard our facilities as the best there is to offer.

Each year more than 1 000 international athletes from all over the world make use of the NWU’s High Performance Institute for their pre-season training. The fact that Potchefstroom is located 1 322 metres above the sea level also plays a major role in our facilities being the first choice for athletes choosing a training facility.

Our facilities include several outdoor and indoor sports fields and facilities. Read more


The High Performance Institute can recommend various options for accommodation. These include:

  • NWU Sports Village – The Sports Village is regarded as the NWU’s flagship accommodation facility and is located at the Fanie du Toit Sports Grounds with various sports grounds and facilities within a 100 m radius. It is a one-stop facility, with the High Performance Institute within three minutes’ walk from the front door. 
  • Astrovilla offers safe, private, and self-catering accommodation for 130 guests. It is located next to the NWU Hockey Academy and is within walking distance from the NWU’s Potchefstroom Campus, sports facilities, schools and shops, which also makes Astrovilla the perfect accommodation facility for sports groups.
  • Dennepark offers affordable and safe hostel-type accommodation to sports groups, schools, churches, and students from other universities. They offer eight blocks, each with 25 rooms. Communal bathrooms and kitchens are available. 

We also make use of external agents to help with services such as alternative accommodation, transport (airport transfers and local), meals, etc.


We arrange transport for foreign athletes locally and from Potchefstroom to OR Tambo Airport.