Chess provides essential board skills to players to be able to strategically apply themselves to the game. It is played on a chequered board on which each playing piece is moved according to precise rules. The objective is to put the opponent's king under a direct attack from which escape is impossible.

The NWU Chess Club allows participants to play the game of chess on a regular basis right from the first contact session to improve their learning, thinking, analytical power and decision-making ability. The game teaches the players to be self-disciplined. It also:

  •   Improves verbal skills
  •   Builds problem-solving abilities
  •   Improves critical thinking skills
  •   Improves mathematical skills
  •   Teaches the importance of planning


For more information contact

Mr Cornelius Coetzer 
Sports Officer : Chess
Mahikeng Campus
018 389 2544
 Mrs Corene Middleton
 Secretary : Chess
 Potchefstroom Campus
 018 299 2905 / 083 390 2880
Mr Joseph Matlhong
Vanderbijlpark Campus
016 910 3191