Netball can be described as one of the major sporting codes you would find across the country and beyond the SA borders with a unique history. From way back it has been labelled as a sport suitable for women however just like many other sporting codes it has both men and women competing at high level. Netball at the Mafikeng Campus helps define the identity of the campus and its amazing athletes.

NWU Mafikeng Netball team have made their presence felt over the past few years. Here are some of their achievements. In 2016 USSA 2016 Silver Medallists, representatives in North West Netball team U21 and Senior ladies. In 2017 Position 5 USSA and U21, senior ladies and male representatives in the North West Netball team. 2018 position 5 USSA Netball and representatives in U19, U21 and Senior reps in provincial team. 2019 position 8 USSA and representatives in U19, U21 and senior for the provincial team ,2 players got medals (Silver from U21 and Gold from Senior player)

Contact details:                                                                                

Nalendi Malanoka             

Sports Manager: Netball            

Mahikeng Campus.

018 389 2434