Canoeing, also referred to as kayaking or paddling, is practised on relatively large bodies of water and is somewhat unknown to many students before they join the North-West University (NWU) family.

The NWU Potchefstroom Canoe Club provides students with an opportunity to participate in many different disciplines in the larger sport of canoeing, such as canoe polo, marathon kayaking, and rodeo kayaking. The NWU's canoeing facilities are located at Potch Dam, where canoe polo and marathon kayaking are the two main disciplines, and social kayakers largely contribute to the comradery of the canoeing family in both disciplines.

The NWU Potchefstroom Canoe Club is one of the leading institutions contributing to the rapid growth of canoeing in South Africa. With a focus on the development of South African kayakers at university level, every individual is given the chance to compete on the national stage. Anyone looking to try something new and escape their comfort zone will find canoeing to be intriguing and challenging, requiring individuals to constantly develop and train a multitude of skills.

Canoeing develops overall fitness, serves as a relaxing hobby, and gives every canoeist the chance to compete professionally. Social members form an important part of the NWU Potchefstroom Canoe Club and any student is welcome to join as a social member, as this adds to the exciting vibe that is unique to canoeing.

Annette van Heerden
Sports Manager: Canoeing
Potchefstroom Campus

Karl Jacobie
Sports Manager: Canoe Polo
Potchefstroom Campus