Dance Sport

Dance sport is more than just dancing. It is unique, as it combines the elements of both art and sport. Dance sport is competitive ballroom dancing, as contrasted with social or exhibition dancing. It contributes to positive psychological benefits and elevated self-esteem. Movement and dance improve the emotional well-being of all children and young people, especially those with cognitive and emotional challenges in dealing with conflict resolution and violence. Dance sport develops physical strength, agility, coordination, stamina, endurance and fitness. It has an anti-bullying effect – it promotes discipline, respect for others and teamwork.

The Dance Club at the Mahikeng Campus of the North-West University (NWU) makes use of the Great Hall and the Soccer Institute gym for their training sessions. Throughout the year they also host multiple competitions at the Great Hall. The NWU Mahikeng Dance Club has been raising the university's flag for some time now. Check out their achievements from 2019.

JB Marks Competition 2019


Level 1 – six trophies

Level 2 – six trophies

Level 3 – six trophies, six medals

Rising Star – four trophies

Championship – eight trophies


Level 1 – six trophies, two medals

Level 2 – six trophies, four medals

Level 3 – four trophies

Rising Star – two trophies


Nalendi Malanoka            
Sports Manager: Dance Sport           
Mahikeng Campus.
018 389 2434